Hawaiian Style Pork Ribs BBQ

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Jan. 23, 2014

I trimmed a pack of pork spare ribs to the St. Louis style ribs, and marinated the ribs in a Fiesta rib rub, and light brown sugar for almost 24 hours. Got my grilled ready, and rubbed the ribs down with yellow mustard just prior to going on the grill. I added a pot of water to the grill to keep the air inside the grill moist as to help keep the ribs moist and not dry. I cooked the ribs right at 3 hours on indirect heat uncovered, then I layed them on two layers of foil and and poured in pineapple juice and added the chunked pineapple, and also used a orange, pineapple, and apple drink made by Welch's. Wrapped tightly and cooked almost 2 hours, and then removed the ribs from the foil, and reserved the pineapple and some juice. I then coated the ribs with the Hawaiian BBQ sauce, and let cook for 1 more hour, still on indirect heat. In the first 3 hours, and the last hour, I would turn and flip the ribs occasionally for a even cook on them. These ribs are delicious! Give them a try. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to my channel :)


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Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium
Servings: 4