Onion Ring


Onion ring is one of the most popular snacks and fast foods in U.S., Canada and Australia. Over the years it has been accepted all over the world. The shape resembles the shape of a ring and hence the name. It is a battered, breaded and deep fried snack. It is commonly available in restaurant joints and cafés.





Onion rings originated around the 1930’s. It first appeared in the Crisco advertisement published in the New York Times magazine. Lot of restaurants claim to be the inventors on this snack. One of them is Pig stand restaurant in Oak Cliff, Texas.



Ingredients and Preparation


Onion is the main ingredient for making onion rings. A batter is made using corn flour or refined flour. Seasonings can be added. Bread crumbs are used to coat the rings.

Onions are cut cross sectionally and layers are separated out. Each ring is dipped in batter and then breaded. The rings are fried in hot oil till golden brown in color and crispy.





·         Onion ring is served with ketchups or tangy sauces

·         It can also be served with yogurt, sour cream or cheese dips.

·         It is also served as a side dish along with beef, chicken or fish main dishes.



Popular Variations


·         Kanda bhajiya or pyaaz ki pakodi is a fritter made using onions. A batter is made using Bengal gram flour.

·         Onion strings are made using a thinner batter.

·         Beer batter onion rings is a popular variant made using beer. Beer adds to the flavor of the snack.

·         Blooming onion is a special fried onion snack made using whole onions. It is served in steakhouses as an appetizer.



Health and Nutrition Facts


Commercially available onion rings


Serving size – 8 to 9 onions rings (83 g)

Calories – 276 cal, Fat – 15 g, Saturated fat – 7 g, Sodium – 430 mg, Carbohydrates – 31 g, Protein – 3 g


·         Commercially available onion ring is high in calories and fat. It is classified as a junk food. It is high in sodium and such snacks should be restricted by people who are obese and are suffering from heart ailments.

·         It is high in saturated fat and can lead to high risks of blockages in the heart. It should also be avoided by people who have a blood pressure problem.

·         Onion rings should be baked instead of fried. This will not only reduce the calorific value but will also made it easier for digestion.


Oven baked onion rings


Serving size – 8 to 9 onion rings (83 g)

Calories – 90 cal, Fat – 3 g, Carbohydrates – 10 g, Sodium – 345 mg, Protein – 1.7 g


·         Oven baked onion rings are nearly half the calories compared to commercially available ones.  It contains very less fat.

·         This is a healthier alternative for weight watchers.



Miscellaneous Facts


·         There are many frozen food suppliers which manufacture frozen onion rings. E.g. Alexia foods, Americana foods.