Fairy Bread


Fairy bread is a bread-based dessert that is served at children’s birthday parties or at children’s tea parties. A usual fairy bread recipe consists of a simple slice of bread that is buttered and covered with sugar sprinkles.   


History of Fairy Bread  

The exact origin of fairy bread is unknown but the dish is considered native to Australia and New Zealand. But according to ancient beliefs, bread was considered to be sacred and a form of protection against the anger of spirits or fairies.  The first reference to fairy bread recipes can be found in the poem ‘Fairy Bread’ by Robert Louis Stevenson in his book A Child’s Garden of Verse that was published in1885.


Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Fairy Bread
The dish uses simple ingredients that can be found in any supermarket. Simple white sliced bread is covered with butter. Some people prefer to leave the crust on to offset the sweet taste of the sprinkles. At birthday parties, it’s common to have the bread slices cut into fancy shapes and cover them with Nutella or chocolate spread to provide variety and taste. Other less common spreads that are used as per the fairy bread recipe include honey or colored icing. On top of the spread, colored sugar sprinkles are sprinkled. Multicolored sprinkles are common, and single colored versions or edible glittered versions are common too. The bread can be cut into many shapes but triangles are usually considered to be traditional.  


Serving and Eating Fairy Bread
Fairy bread is served at children’s birthday parties and tea parties as a simple snack. It is also commonly served as a snack for adults.


Fairy Bread Variations

The recipe for this type of bread shows various regional variations. For example, one common recipe variant is made in France, in which small or large dinner rolls are split, buttered and covered with brown sugar or sugar sprinkles. A simpler fairy bread recipe variation is found in Italy, where round pizza bread is topped with sugar and butter or even cheese and sugar.


Nutritional Value

Fairy bread has very simple ingredients of sugar, bread and butter. The exact nutritional value can be ascertained by reading the nutritional label of the dish.