Best 5 Jewish Traditional Foods For Hanukkah

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Nov. 29, 2010

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Treat your guests with the best 5 Jewish traditional foods for Hanukkah. These best 5 Jewish traditional food for Hanukkah are so tasty and liked that they have become an important part of Israeli food and eaten throughout the year. These typical traditional foods main ingredients are olive oil and dairy products.


So lets have a look at the best 5 Jewish traditional foods for Hanukkah and why they are so special.


LatkesThis is the most popular Jewish traditional foods. Traditionally potato is the main ingredient in latke. A crispy appetizer and side dish latkes taste good with tea and make an equally great snack. It is actually pancakes deep fried in olive oil and served with apple and cranberry sauce. Latkes are always served hot straight form the frying pan and are ideal for winter snack. Other variations of latkes include parsnip, sweet potato, cheese latke, gingered sweet potato and many more. They can even be baked to minimize the calories.

These are delicious fritters served with honey drizzled over it. This traditional Jewish food is not only special for Hanukkah but it is served on all Jewish holidays. Frying is an important part of Israeli food hence bimuelos are one of the best 5 Jewish traditional foods for Hanukkah.

Sufganiyot is a traditional dessert, deep fried doughnut filled with jelly. It is actually a delicacy of French adopted by Israelis as it is a deep fried food. Almost every Jewish family makes them at home and distributes them as gifts for Hanukkah. Today Sufganiyot has different flavors of fillings but the tradition of eating Sufganiyot is still alive.

The best 5 Jewish traditional foods for Hanukkah cannot be replaced by anything other than a fried food. Torzelli is deep fried crispy leaf recipe it is one of the most ancient Jewish traditional foods, existed even before sufganiyot and latkes were known. Curly endives are dipped in batter and deep fried. Since curly endives are available in peak winters and not around the time of Hanukkah, only few Jewish afford to serve this exclusive traditional food.

Atayef is pancake filled with cheese. Since eating dairy products is a tradition for celebrating Hanukkah, eating atayef is in the tradition. Atayef is a time consuming recipe but the delicious taste is worth the effort. These pancakes dipped in syrup of either rosewater or orange flavored syrup offer a delicate flavor.


The best 5 Jewish traditional foods for Hanukkah are related to the history and their presence can be found in many of the stories narrated for the festival.


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