5 Best Kosher Cakes to Serve at Hanukkah Party

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Nov. 29, 2010

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Hanukkah season is here, you might be fiddling with various kosher cake ideas and here are 5 best Kosher cakes to serve at Hanukkah party. Lot has been said about Latkes, beef preparations, sufagniyot, and Loukomades, so lets concentrate on Kosher cakes.


Parve and Dairy cakes both are served during Hanukkah.


Parve is derived from Yiddish word Pareve, which means that food is free from meat or dairy ingredients. 

According to Jewish Food Laws pareve food is considered to be neutral. Pareve food can be teamed with both milk and meat dishes. Eggs, fish, fruits and vegetables are considered to be pareve. 


Here are 5 Best Kosher Cakes to Serve at Hanukkah Party

Halvah Cake (Parve)Halvah is a sweet confectionary prepared from sugar and ground sesame seeds and is famously served throughout Israel as Shabbat dessert. You need margarine, sugar, egg yolks, flour, baking powder and salt to prepare the bottom layer. And sugar, cocoa, water, halvah, margarine and cognac for filling and egg whites, sugar and shredded coconut for topping. Sara Finkel, an author of Classic Kosher Cooking calls this cake "Simply Delicious" and says that this is one of her favorite cake recipes.

Apple Cake (Parve)
We bet that this Kosher Parve apple cake will be an instant hit with your family and friends. It's a perfect combination of eggs, flour, oil, spice and sugar. Other than that you need baking powder, salt, cooking oil, eggs, orange juice, vanilla, apples, granulated sugar and cinnamon to prepare this cake. This Kosher Parve apple cake recipe was suggested by Julie Komerofsky Remer and Paula Levine, who are Ohio caterers, and they say that this Apple cake is their customer's favorite sweet.

English Jam Sponge Pudding (Parve)
This is one of the traditional sponge puddings served throughout England. Previously the cake was prepared by steaming the ingredients in water bath for almost one  and half hours. Today it takes just 10 minutes to prepare this cake. You need margarine, sugar, cake flour, eggs, baking powder, vanilla, water and jam (any jam of your choice).

Fat-Free Cinnamon Sponge Cake (Parve)
You can kick off your Hanukkah celebration by serving this Fat-Free Cinnamon Sponge Cake. This soft and airy cake will wow you with its unusually spicy flavor. This cake is a hit with even those who spend their meal times counting calories. You need eggs, cake flour, sugar, vanilla extract, cold water, and cinnamon for preparing this sponge cake.

Chocolate Icing Cake(Parve)
If you are bored with making chocolate icing using the same old powdered sugar, then this recipe will help you out to glaze the cakes in a unique way. You will need water, cocoa, sugar, margarine, vanilla extract, semi-sweet chocolate to prepare this cake. You can serve this cake on Sabbath and other holidays too.


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