Tricholoma Terreum


Tricholoma terreum, also called dirty tricholoma or grey knight, is an edible mushroom found in the coniferous forests of Europe. The grey capped mushrooms have also been found in regions where pine trees have been planted in Australia. They have a 4 to 7 cm wide cap and 3 to 8 cm high stem which is about 1.5cm wide.  It is a mild tasting mushroom which is used as an ingredient in preparations such as game dishes and rice or pasta dishes. Tricholoma Myomyces is another name for the mushroom.

Since they grow in pine forests, these mushrooms have a flavor and scent associated with pine resins, which gives them a unique character. Their extract obtained on blanching retains this character and can also be used in cooking.



Preferred Cooking Methods

Dirty tricholoma mushrooms are best cooked by sautéing in butter or oil, and are often used in combination with sautéed onions, garlic, peppers and various other vegetables for inclusion in different dishes.



Culinary Uses

Tricholoma terreum is most often sliced and sautéed for inclusion in dishes like pasta, rice dishes, meat and fish dishes (where they are served over meat with sauce) and polenta. They are often included in a variety of French recipes. They are especially good for game dishes due to their piney flavor, though they can be used for any preparation calling for wild mushrooms.



Popular Tricholoma Terreum Recipes

  • Rice Casserole: This is a dish made by cooking together sautéed onions, garlic, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes, and then cooking it with meat such as chicken or rabbit, rice, water and seasonings.
  • Pasta: Tricholoma terreum mushrooms can be sautéed and served over cooked pasta that has been tossed with olive oil and seasonings.
  • Braised Duck: This is a dish made by simmering together duck which has been browned in heated oil in a skillet, sautéed mushrooms, water, flavoring herbs and seasonings. Wine is added in at the final stage of preparation, and the dish served with rice.




Tricholoma terreum needs to be consumed within a day or two after being picked, as it spoils quickly. The best way to preserve these mushrooms is by canning.




Grey knight is sometimes confused with Tricholoma pardium, which is larger in size and is poisonous.


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