Fajita Stuffed Chicken

Got this awesome recipe from Facebook, that click bait "Tasty". They do hook up some awesome recipes, and I steal them!


Chicken breast 3
Red bell pepper 1 , diced
Yellow bell pepper 1 , diced
Onion 1 , diced
Garlic cloves 6 , diced
Cream cheese 8 Ounce
Pepper jack cheese 6 Ounce
Sharp cheddar cheese 6 Ounce
Bacon rashers 9



1. Saute the onion, peppers, and garlic.

2. Mix that with the cheeses, butterfly the chicken breasts and stuff them and wrap with bacon! Grill until you get an internal temp of 160 degrees.


3. Eat and enjoy!

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium
Cook Time: 15 Minutes
Ready In: 15 Minutes
Servings: 3