A loaf is a popular side dish consumed all over the globe. Ingredients such as flour, yeast, sugar, butter and salt are mixed together to form a soft dough that is baked. Loaf recipes such as cheddar loaves, cinnamon loaves and fruit loaves are also used as snacks.

A round or oblong shaped mass of food is also called a loaf. It is commonly bread or a meatloaf. Bread is made by baking a mix of flour and water and some other ingredients. Although yeast and baking soda are two common ingredients, milk, sugar, nuts, fruits may be used as additional ingredients. The first bread was made in the Neolithic era. There exist numerous variations on the basic bread recipe, including pizza, tortillas, brioche, chapattis, pitas, biscuits, pretzels, bagels, puris, naan and some other variations. Meatloaf, a meat dish, is made by baking ground beef or an assortment of ground beef, pork and lamb with other ingredients. Meat loaves were first cooked in Europe in the 5th century. Some of the loaf recipes include banana loaf, blackberry and apple loaf, hot or cold meatloaf, caramel apple loaf cake etc.