Mint Lemonade

Mint Lemonade is a Middle Eastern drink, locally known as 'limon nana'. It is made from fresh lemon juice, mint leaves and sugar. The look and taste of this lemonade, when made traditionally, is slightly different from the standardized versions which have become popular now. Even the traditional recipe of the drink Mint is different and calls for use of fresh ingredients only.

The drink is popular for its unique taste and blending of mint with lemonade. As mint is the dominant flavor in the drink it is very different from regular lemonade which only has fresh lemon juice, water and sugar.


Origin of Mint Lemonade Recipe

The origin of the lemonade is not exactly known but it probably originated in the Middle Eastern nations where refreshing summer drinks have been a necessity for a very long time. Syria has mostly been credited with the invention of the drink but some believe that it is a Turkish invention.


Ingredients and Method of Preparation: Mint Lemonade Recipe

Lemon juice, water, sugar and mint leaves are the main ingredients used to prepare this mint and lemon drink. Depending on individual preferences and convenience, lemonade concentrate can be used as it greatly speeds up the process. However, the traditional preparation method of this drink does not support the use of a concentrate and freshly squeezed juice is preferred.

When made the traditional way, all ingredients are prepared and put in a blender and whirled until a thick green concoction is formed. The preparation part prior to blending includes finely chopping the mint leaves and squeezing the lemons for juice. The preparation time for this minty lemon drink is not more than a few minutes if concentrate is used but the procedure lengthens when the juice is freshly squeezed.

An important thing to remember is that unlike plain lemonade, Mint Lemonade cannot be stored as mint tends to lose its fresh taste and can turn stale within a day.


Serving Mint Lemonade Drink

Since the drink is a summer refreshment, it is served over ice and chilled. Depending upon the recipe and preparation method used, the mint leaves might require boiling in which case it is important to ensure that the drink has completely cooled before it is served.


Health and Nutrition Facts Related to Mint Lemonade Drink

The drink is very refreshing and beneficial when the weather is hot, however the high sugar content makes it unsuitable for people struggling with weight issues or suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol levels or heart troubles. The issue can be tackled by making a few changes to the traditional Mint Lemonade ingredients and a quality artificial sweetener can be used instead of sugar.