Corn Juice

Corn Juice, as the name suggests, is a juice extracted from corn. The juice is also known as maize juice and is a popular beverage of China and many other countries. The drink is often consumed warm or cold and is known for its several health benefits. This corn beverage is also referred to as “beauty drink” as it helps providing the body with good amounts of vitamins, minerals and protein. The juice is usually light yellow to green in color and has a refreshing taste.


Corn Juice Overview

To prepare the maize juice, first, the corn kernels are pulled out. Corn silk is removed and kept aside. The kernels are boiled for some time and once they soften, juice is extracted by blending the kernels. The juice is filtered and refrigerated. Sugar or salt can be added to the juice, before serving, as per the preference.

Corn silk juice and juice of the cob is also popular in many cuisines. Also, sweet corn’s and purple corn juice is consumed in many countries.


Corn Juice Benefits

Rich source of nutrition- Corn juice provides ample nutrition to the body in the form of vitamin A, vitamin C, and B vitamins. Folic acid, phosphorus and magnesium are also provided to the body through this drink. Corn juice is also a good source of essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates and fiber.

Prevents heart diseases- Corn varieties differ in carotenoid content. Juice extracted from yellow corn is high in lutein. The lutein protects the body against heart disease.

Relief in macular degeneration- Corn juice benefits also include protection and relief in macular degeneration which refers to the condition of eye during old age.

Healthy teeth and bones- Maize juice enables the growth of healthy teeth and bones of infants.


Maize Juice in Different Cuisines

  • Zomo- Zomo is a refreshing corn beverage popular in Bolivia. This healthy and sweet tasting drink is prepared from small kernelled white corn known as frangollo. Also known as Somo, the drink is traditionally prepared in large clay pots. This corn juice is immensely popular in Beni, Pando, Santa Cruz and Tarija.
  • Chicha Morada- A popular clove flavored corn beverage of Peru, this corn juice is derived from purple maize. Sugar, cinnamon and ice are added to enhance the taste of this drink. The drink is mainly consumed in Bolivia, Eucador and Peru.
  • Ostoche- It is an alcoholic drink of Mexico, which is prepared by combining maize juice with brown sugar.
  • Quebranta huesos- Another popular Mexican beverage; it consists of corn juice, roasted corn and fruits.