Scaloppine is an Italian dish that is prepared with small and thin slices of meat. This dish is generally prepared with veal, however, chicken and mutton scallops may also be used. In some dialects, scaloppine is also known as scallopini. This dish is quite easy to make and popular outside Italy as well.


History and Origin of Scallopini

Scaloppine is said to be originated in Italian cuisine. The term ‘scaloppine’ is originally a French term meaning ‘escalope’ (thin slices of meat). According to culinary experts and food historians, the first known use of this famous dish was seen in 1946. Since then this Italian recipe has gained immense popularity in different ethnicities.


Ingredients Prescribed by Scallopini

Scaloppine basically contains thin slices of meat. Traditionally, veal is used as the meat in this dish, but chicken and mutton are also used as the variation. Wheat flour is used to coat the meat pieces.

A sauce is typically prepared to be served with the scallopini. This sauce usually contains tomato, wine, capers or lemon. Butter and spices are used to be sautéed with the meat pieces. Cilantro, orange zest, sherry, mushroom and olives are often added in scaloppine to make some exotic recipes.


Method of Preparation of Scallopini

Scaloppine is prepared with sautéing method. The meat pieces are thinly sliced and dredged in flour. Sautéing is done either in butter or in olive oil. While sautéing other ingredients such as olives, mushrooms and spices are added.

The sauce is typically prepared with stir-fried method. A thick pouring sauce is prepared by stir-frying all the ingredients. Garlic is also added to the sauce to enhance the flavor. In Italian cuisine, this process is known as ‘piccata’ that involves sautéing of meat pieces with the spices and serving with a kind of sauce.


Serving and Eating of Scallopini

Scaloppine is usually served as a main dish. It is best eaten with steamed rice. Bread may also be used with this dish to make it a complete meal. The sauce prepared for the dish is either heated with the meat pieces or poured over the meat pieces just before serving.

In United States, scaloppine is often served along with pasta or polenta. However, it can be eaten alone with the sauce of individual’s preference.


Health and Nutrition Facts Related to Scallopini

Scaloppine is a beneficial dish as it contains meat that is full of protein and vitamins. Chicken version is healthier than veal version as veal is a kind of red meat that contains excess of fat and cholesterol. Sautéing process involves very less fat, hence dish contains controlled calories.

Sauce ingredients are also quite healthy and involve a beneficial cooking method.