Linguine( or linguini) is basically a type of wide, flat, and thin Italian pasta that generally seems very similar to trenette and fettuccine. Although this pasta version is wider than spaghetti, it is less wide as compared to   fettuccine. These are oval-shaped and long pasta noodles. Also, the hand cut versions of these are narrower flat noodles.. An extra thinner version of this pasta is named as linguettine. The term Linguine actually derived from an Italian word that means “little tongues.” The term is basically used to denote the plural of feminine linguina. It is widely found in various versions including whole-wheat and white-flour versions. However, whole wheat version is mostly consumed in Italy.     



Origin of Linguini

The Linguine basically originated in Campania, Italy. The most popular and traditional use of this pasta is to make Linguine alle vongole, which literally means linguine with clams. The idea of this pasta actually came from the 4000 year old noodles. The origin and type of these pastas has hugely evolved with time. Although most of the pasta dishes are generally served with tomato and meat gravies, this particular pasta variety is traditionally offered with pesto or seafood.



Most Popular Linguine Recipes

Linguine can be used to cook various dishes that can be served during different occasions. Most of the popular Italian restaurants generally prepare this pasta version with different types of sauces spices. Some of the popular and widely consumed linguine dishes recipes are vegetable Saute With Miso Sauce Over Linguine, Two Cheese Seafood Linguine, Thin Linguine With Escarole Pine Nuts & Cheese, Spring Linguine, Beef And Broccoli Spicy Linguine, Oriental Herb Linguine Salad, Linguini With Tomato-Basil Sauce, Linguini With Seafood - Buon'appetito, Linguini With Paprika Sauce, Linguini With Arugula Golden Garlic & Red, Linguini With Arugula Golden Garlic & Red, Linguini Tomato Recipe, Linguini In Spicy Sauce.



Serving Linguii Recipe

Almost all types of Linguine dishes are served with either some kind of seafood or with pesto. However, there are some other variations as well. Just like Americans, who started the new idea of using a creamy and thick gravy sauce named as Alfredo for serving with this pasta. Although Italians often argue that Alfredo sauce is not an Italian dish and therefore cannot accompany any Italian dish, Americans usually prefer their linguine pasta like this. American’s also like to serve some chicken along with Alfredo sauce and pasta.