Summer Veggie Spaghetti Recipe : Season 3, Ep. 1

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Jun. 25, 2015

This is our first episode for Season 3, and this simple veggie spaghetti is the perfect way to jumpstart your summer! It's spaghetti that's lighter, fresher, and quicker to make. It's so clean, fresh, and fuss-free! Hope you enjoy this new season of simply summer fresh recipes!


Spaghetti 1/4 Pound
Zucchini 1 Large
Cherry/Grape tomatoes 2 Pint , halved
Olive oil 3 Tablespoon
Garlic cloves 2 , thinly sliced
Red pepper flakes 1/4 Teaspoon
Lemon juice 1 Tablespoon (or more to taste)
Crumbled feta cheese 1 Tablespoon
Fresh basil chopped 1/2 Tablespoon
Salt and pepper To Taste



Chop off the top and bottom of the zucchini, then use a vegetable peeler to make long thin shavings. 

Stop when you reach the core with the seeds. Set aside the shavings. Save the core for a stir-fry some other time!

Put a pot of boiling salted water on the stove and cook spaghetti according to package directions. 

Reserve a little of the starchy cooking water before draining.

Meanwhile, place olive oil, garlic, and pepper flakes in a large cold pan and bring to a sizzle together, stirring occasionally so the garlic doesn’t burn. 

When the garlic becomes slightly golden and fragrant, add the tomatoes, along with some salt and pepper, and cook for about 1 minute. 

They should only be slightly softened, and release a little juice, but still hold their shape. 

Add the cooked drained spaghetti, along with a splash of the reserved salted cooking water to the pan. 

Add the lemon juice and toss together for 30 seconds, just to coat the spaghetti with the tomatoes. 

Turn off the heat and add the zucchini ribbons. Toss lightly and let the heat of the spaghetti slightly wilt the zucchini. Don’t let it soften too much or it can get mushy. Season with salt and pepper to taste. 


Top with feta and basil and serve. 

TIPS: Use Parmesan cheese instead of Feta. Use yellow summer squash or even shaved asparagus instead of zucchini!

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Cook Time: 15 Minutes
Ready In: 15 Minutes
Servings: 2

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 745Calories from Fat 231

 % Daily Value*

Total Fat 26 g40%

Saturated Fat 4 g20%

Trans Fat 0 g


Sodium 261 mg10.88%

Total Carbohydrates 125 g41.7%

Dietary Fiber 11 g44%

Sugars 63 g

Protein 16 g32%

Vitamin A % Vitamin C %

Calcium % Iron %

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet