Asafoetida Substitutes: Top Asafetida Substitutes

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Jul. 29, 2011

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There may be times when you are in the middle of making your favorite dish, that calls for asafetida and you do not have it in your kitchen. For such times, refer to these simple Asafetida substitutes, and you will never miss that distinct flavor of asafetida in your food again.


Asafetida Substitutes:

1. Garlic: Garlic cloves can be used as a replacement. Around one to two cloves can be used for the desired flavor. However, the taste will not be the same, adding garlic will give a different zing to the recipe and it will not taste bland.


2. Onion Powder: Another substitute for asafetida is onion powder. Try using the commercial onion powder for better results. Asafetida has a strong flavor, which is difficult to match. However, substituting it with onion powder will add the required aroma and taste to your dish which otherwise will be completely missing from the food.


3. Garlic Powder: Another asafetida substitute can be garlic powder. Just add a little bit to the dish for that added taste and aroma. Even though, garlic powder cannot impart same flavor to the dish, it will help to attain a distinct taste and fragrance to the food.


4. Shallot: An exotic variety of onions, which have a tangy, complex onion-garlic like flavor and can prove to be an effective asafetida substitute.



5. Chives: These Chinese herbs can be a great substitute as the
flavor of chives is very garlic-like. Just add some to the dish and it will compensate for that missing asafetida in the recipe.


6. Garlic flakes: Half a teaspoon of garlic flakes is almost equal
to one garlic clove. If you have these handy, add some to the dish to replace asafetida. However, the taste is not the same it can help counter the blandness in the dish.



So now, since you know of the various asafetida substitutes at the back of your hand do not forget to share them with friends and family and do not forget to share the compliments with me.


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