Lemongrass Substitutes

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Jul. 26, 2011

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Lemongrass is a very popular ingredient in the Asian cuisine and has a citrus flavor. Lemongrass can brighten up a dish in no time with its delectable flavor. However, what if you run out of the herb while making your favorite recipe! Well you will not have to run to the super market anymore, just use these handy lemongrass substitutes and you will be all set.


Easy Lemongrass Substitutes


Lemon Zest: Just grate some lemon zest and add it to the dish instead of lemongrass. The flavor though will not be the same, but still it will add that citrus twist to your recipe.


Lemon Leaves: Another very suitable substitute can be lemon leaves, just chop a few and add to the dish for that mild citrus flavor.


Lemon Verbena: This is another shrub which has a citrus flavor, the leaves can be used as a lemongrass substitute. However, the flavor wont be the same, it will not let you miss that zing in the dish.


Lemon Balm: This is a perennial herb, which can also be used to substitute lemongrass in a dish. The herb is easily available and has a light lemon scent which works brilliantly as a lemongrass substitute.


Lemon Thyme: A different fragrant variety of thyme, can also be used to substitute lemongrass, though the lemon thyme flavor is not as strongly citrus, you can add some of lemon thyme to give a new flavor to your dish.


Lemon Juice: If you do not have any of the above substitutes handy, add a little lemon juice to the dish, make sure to keep a check on the quantity, else the dish might turn acidic.


Apart from trying your hands on these lemongrass substitutes, you can also choose to dry up some lemongrass and store it in your pantry. If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, believe me this will really come handy and drying up the herb will increase its shelf life too.


Happy Cooking


Image Courtesy: learnviet.blogspot.com