Essential Spice and Seasoning in the Kitchen

Hilarious but useful Tips by Melissa

Reviewers Note:

Melissa lists a few hand picked kitchen essentials to have at your home. She is talking spices and seasonings. So here are Melissas picks:

1. Salt and pepper- if you dont use these seems that you may not be human!!
2. Paprika It gives a nice smoky flavor to your food as well as giving it some serious eye appeal.
3. Extra virgin olive oil- because if one does use oil it is best to use one that has a flavor of its own!
4. Garlic powder- its natural goodness, makes it a must have.
5. Minced Onion dont ask me why!! Melissa says so!

Melissa also tells you to go for dried spices. They have a long shelf life and they are cheaper. Also they are concentrated so, it is natural to use less of it.

What else do you consider a must have in your kitchen. Share your spicy secrets with us!