How To Make Flowering Tea Balls For Your Home

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Dec. 28, 2010

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Make flowering tea balls at home and gift them to your friends this festive season. Making flowering tea balls is one of the most unique ways to celebrate the holiday season. You can also try and make a few for your own home thus making mealtimes special indeed! But how to make flowering tea balls for your home and what is it in reality? Let us try and tackle the issue step by step.

The flowering tea balls also known as the blooming tea balls are a wreath prepared by tying edible flowers and tea leaves together which open on brewing, resembling a blossom. The opening of the blossom can be enjoyed completely if you brew the tea in a transparent tea pot. It is possible to use flowers from your own garden and make flowering tea balls with them. Lilies, jasmines as well as beautifully shaped herbs can all be arranged together while making flowering tea balls. However, you will require a few conventional items to put together your bouquet of tea ball even as you settle down to make flowering tea balls finally. They are:-

Bunch of edible flowers

Green tea leaves

Waxed Paper

Needle Thread

A sharp Knife

Transparent teapot

Heavy weight
Now comes the actual task of making flowering tea balls. Here we go:-

A bunch of edible flowers need to be gathered before you start to make flowering tea balls. It is imperative that you use fresh flowers and not the ones sprayed with chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

The next step of making flowering tea balls involves sewing the bunch of flowers into the shape of a ball with the aid of a needle and thread.

Fresh green tea leaves should be spread out flat on a sheet of wax paper and flattened with the help of a heavy weight. The tea leaves are best left undisturbed for an hour or so while you proceed to make flowering tea balls.

Cutting the tea leaves length wise comes next as you learn how to make flowering tea balls. Arrange them flat in the shape of a wheel and place the flowers in the center.

Now comes the part where you need to exercise caution even as you master the technique to make flowering tea balls. Hold the bunch together and sew through the stems and around the bundle making sure that no flower or leaf is left out while you make flowering tea balls.

The easiest part of fashioning the bunch into a ball comes next in the process where you learn to make flowering tea balls. Place the ball into the oven set at the lowest temperature for about 20minutes.

Brewing tea by placing the ball into the tea pot is the last and most spectacular part where flowering takes place on addition of boiling water.
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