How To Use Dried Porcini Mushrooms

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Nov. 15, 2010


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How To Use Dried Porcini Mushrooms, is indeed a common question in the mind of all those who are new to this delicious specie of mushrooms. However, before jumping straight to answer the question, heres some information on Porcini Mushrooms.

What Are Porcini Mushrooms?

Porcini mushroom, or the piglet, is regarded as the king in the world of mushrooms. It is one of the most delectable veggies savoured by Italians and affectionately called the ruling class of fungi. Typically, porcini mushrooms have a meat like texture and a nutty flavour.

How To Use Dried Porcini Mushrooms?Using Porcini Mushrooms for cooking is as easy as using other species of mushrooms. However, before using the fungi for cooking purpose, it is ideal to soak them in hot water for a period of 20 minutes. The water should be retained to make soup stocks and sauces. Once the mushrooms are moist, they should be efficiently cooked, lest they cause stomach aches. They are then typically sautéed for 5-7 minutes and tightly locked under the lid of the pan for 15 minutes until they turn tender.

The tender form of porcini mushrooms may be used in varied recipes, especially, risotto, lasagne, mushroom soups, salsa, Pizza, pasta, spaghetti and more.   

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