BBQ Pulled Pork Butt Recipe On The Yoder Ys640S

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Dec. 21, 2021

This is a super easy, super flavourful BBQ Pulled pork recipe to make on any smoker. This smoked BBQ pulled pork butt recipe is great on BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. We slowly BBQ and smoke this pulled pork butt recipe on the Yoder Ys640S pellet grill smoker. The resulting succulent juicy pulled pork is paired with slaw, and two homemade Carolina BBQ sauces a Carolina vinegar pepper BBQ sauce, and Carolina mustard BBQ sauce.


Pork butt 4 1/2 Pound
Coarse salt 3 Tablespoon (For salt and pepper rub)
Coarse cracked black pepper 3 Tablespoon (For salt and pepper rub)
Vinegar sauce 3 Tablespoon (Sauce from carolina)



1. Pre-heat your smoker to 225ºF, with the smoker wood of your choice.


2. Mix the salt and pepper and coat the pork butt all over with this ‘rub’.

3. Place the pork butt in the smoker, and smoke until an internal temp of around 160º - 165ºF.

4. Wrap the pork with foil or butcher paper, and splash a little of the vinegar sauce inside the wrap.

5. Return to the smoker and continue cooking until an internal temp of 200º-205ºF is reached.

6. Move the foil-wrapped pork to an insulated container (cooler) and let stand 45 minutes before serving/shredding.


7. Serve and enjoy.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Cook Time: 390 Minutes
Ready In: 390 Minutes
Servings: 4