Black Cherry Soda Pop Recipe

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Mar. 04, 2021

Learn to make this soda pop at home.


Sweet black cherries 1 Kilogram
Sour red cherries 250 Gram
Vanilla pod 1
Black pepper corns 10
Sugar 400 Milliliter
Glycerin 4 Teaspoon
To make soda pop:
Syrup 60 Milliliter
Acid phosphate 5 Milliliter
Soda water 300 Milliliter



1. Heat a sous-vide bath to 60ºC.

2. Place cherries, vanilla, pepper corns, and sugar in a vacuum seal bag; and vacuum seal.

3. Place bag into sous-vide bath and let go 3-4 hours.

**Alternately, you could just place those ingredients into a container and let macerate in the fridge 2-3 days.

4. Strain the solids from the juice, first through a fine mesh strainer, then through a coffee filter.

5. You should get around 1L of juice

6. The solids can be used for baking a cake, or cheesecake.

7. To the cherry juice, stir in the glycerin.

8. This flavour syrup needs to be refrigerated, and will make about 5L of soda pop.

To Serve Soda Pop:

9. To mix; carefully stir together:

10. Alternately you can keg and carbonate in kegs.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium
Servings: 10