We Make Prosciutto Crudo - Dry Cured Country Ham Leg

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Jul. 14, 2020

We Make Prosciutto Crudo at home - Dry Cured Ham Leg at home Part 1. Today we are going to turn this hog leg / pig leg / fresh ham into prosciutto crudo, dry cured ham, salt cured ham, jamón, jambon, or plain old country ham... doesn't really matter what you call it, they all follow the same basic process. The difference in naming just stems from where you make it, and the type of hog you make it with.


Whole fresh hog leg 1
Coarse salt 2 Kilogram (use as required)
Pure pork lard 200 Gram
Black pepper 30 Gram



1. Trim up the hog leg, removing the H bone and tail.

2. Press all of the remaining blood out of the femoral artery - if any.

3. Weigh the leg.

4. Rub salt into all exposed cuts in the flesh and around the head of the femur.

5. Lay down 2” of salt in your ‘salting box’ and the lay leg on top.

6. Make sure no parts of the leg are touching the edge of the box.

7. Pour enough salt on top of leg to fully cover.

8. Allow to sit in a dark cool spot for 1 day per pound of leg.

9. Rinse off all salt, and then rub all over with a mixture of lard and pepper.

10. Tie up and hang in a dark cool spot for at least a year.


Serve after an year and enjoy!

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 6