Can Glen Make Grapefruit Ting - Grapefruit Soda

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Jul. 24, 2019

Can Glen Make Grapefruit Ting? (Grapefruit Soda) Yes - yes he can! This recipe for homemade soda syrup is fantastic if you like the tang if ting and the flavour of grapefruit!


Sugar 680 Gram
Citric acid 21 Gram
Grapefruit 4
Water 1 Liter



1. Into a heatproof 4L or larger container; mix together sugar, citric acid, the zest of 3 grapefruit.

2. Add the boiling water, and mix thoroughly to dissolve all of the sugar.

3. Allow to cool to room temperature.

4. Juice the 4 grapefruit, you should get 400-500 mL of juice.

5. Mix the juice and the sugar water, and allow to stand for at least 24 hours before use. Keep in a cool place.


6. Mix 1 part syrup to 3 parts water or club soda.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy