York Ham And Salad Cannelloni, Summer Cannelloni

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Jun. 27, 2017

Canelones de Verano: Today I bring you an ideal recipe for the summer. When it comes to these heats we will not want to spend too much time in the kitchen, and what we want is to prepare quick and simple recipes. That is why today I want to teach you how to prepare a cannelloni recipe that is ideal for this time of year. Also with the same recipe we will make two different: you will see that we can eat them in two ways, one is accompanied by salad and the other gratinada in the oven with a little bit of mayonnaise and cheese.


8 York Ham slices
2 Cooked Potatoes with Skin (250 gr)
2 Cooked Eggs
1 Can of Tuna in Oil
2 Piquillo peppers
15 Olives
8 White Asparagus
5 Tablespoons Mayonnaise
Em Grated Emmental Cheese
Salt and Pepper
Crab Sticks (Surimi)
Gherkins in Vinegar
Pickled mussels
Co Cooked Peas



How to Make Salad:

1. Let's start by chopping about 15 olives, you can use stuffed or unfilled, that's how you like it. We booked it.

2. Let's also chop 2 piquillo peppers. We booked it.

3. Cook 2 medium potatoes with skin, peel them and crush them with a fork. We salpimentamos to taste.

4. We added two cooked eggs that we chopped with a knife and ended up crushing with the fork.

5. We added 1 can of tuna in oil, along with the olives and peppers we had chopped. We remove.

6. Finally add 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix everything. We already have our Russian Salad.

How to Prepare Summer Cannelloni with York Ham and Salad:

7. Preparamos the gutters by rolling a slice of york ham, along with a white asparagus, and repeat until finished.


How to present our Canelones:

8. Option 1: Present with a salad

9. Option 2: Put in a fountain, cover with mayonnaise and emmental cheese and gratin at 190 degrees for 15 minutes.

I can assure you that the two forms are great, I can not decide for either, because whenever I prepare them I like to make them both ways. I'm going to show you how these are inside. You will see when you prepare them that is a delicious snack, a recipe very easy for this summer.

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