Nankhatai is a tea time snack originating in the city of Surat, Gujarat. It is an Indian version of cookies and literally means ‘bread made out of six ingredients.’


 History of Nankhatai

Nankhatai recipe was supposed to have developed by a Parsee gentleman. He started making nankhatai in his bakery which was handed over to him by the Dutch. This cookie became popular among the Gujaratis as a tea time snack and they started to export it from Surat to Mumbai where many Gajaratis resided. The smell of the hot cookie freshly baked from the oven has always attracted people.


The cookie is simple to prepare and does not take much time. Apart from ovens this cookie can also be baked freshly in a microwave also.


Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Nankhatai

As mentioned earlier this popular snack requires six ingredients. The original nankhatai recipe suggests the use of semolina, gram flour, flour, sugar, butter and nuts (almonds and pistachio) as the main ingredients for this snack. All these ingredients mixed together gives an amazing flavour and taste to the cookies. To make this cookie light and crispy a pinch of baking powder is also added to it.


Nankhatai like any other cookies is best baked in the ovens but, it can also be baked quickly and easily in a microwave.


Serving and Eating Nankhatai

The cookies are best relished when served warm from the oven. However that is not possible all the time. This cookie can be savoured with tea and can be served any time of the day. Children like nibbling on these cookies whenever they feel hungry.


Nankhatai was originally a snack popular among the Gujaratis but at present everybody enjoys this amazing biscuit.


Types of Nankhatai

The nankhatai recipe originally did not have egg as one of its ingredients. At present eggs are added to this cookie to make it taste better.


The regular cookies have been made special with the addition of jaifal and elaichi. Among other flavours chocolate, badam- pista, til-coconut and real mango flavours are quite popular.


Vanilla essence and saffron are also added nowadays as an extra ingredient to the actual nankhatai recipe.


Health and Nutrition Facts of Nankhatai

This cookie is light and tasty and does not contain high amount of fat. It is low in sodium content and can be relished by everyone.