Lassi is one of the most popular drinks in Pakistan and India, which is made of yogurt. It is one of the traditional beverages of India, having its origin in Punjab. This popular drink is prepared by mixing yogurt with water or milk, and salt or sugar. All the ingredients of lassi recipe are blended until the drink becomes frothy. At times, little clotted cream (malai) is used as the topping. The drink is enjoyed chilled in various parts of India as great refreshment in hot weather.


Lassi Recipe – Types
Lassi is basically of two types, viz

  • Salted – It is a traditional drink and is made of a mixture of milk or water, yogurt and various spices.
  • Sweet – It is made by blending together milk or water, yogurt and sugar.

Salted yogurt based drink is considered to be savory drink. Ground and roasted cumin is sometimes added to enhance the flavor of this drink. In case of sweet lassi, fruits are also used at times for adding extra flavor. Chilled yogurt based drink is enjoyed by people in extremely hot weather and is usually taken while having lunch.


Lassi Recipe - Variations

  • Sweet Lassi Recipe : Sweet lassi is prepared by blending together yogurt, rosemary, sugar, and strawberry or fruit juices. Saffron lassi is a type of sweet lassi which is very famous in Rajasthan and Jodhpur regions of India and Sindh region in Pakistan. In Punjab, people are very fond of drinking Makkhaniya sweet lassi, which is enriched with butter. This drink is creamy like milkshake, and is considered to be very useful for people with sleep disorders.
  • Traditional Salted Lassi Recipe : Traditional salted lassi is very famous in various parts of India like Punjab and Gujarat. Yogurt and water are blended together. Salt and various other spices are added as per the taste of an individual.
  • Mint Lassi Recipe : Mint lassi makes use of mint leaves for preparing the drink. Various ingredients required to prepare this dish include yogurt, cumin seeds, mint leaves, water and rock salt (kala namak). All the ingredients are blended properly until frothy. The drink is sprinkled with roasted cumin seeds’ powder. It is garnished with chopped mint.
  • Mango Lassi Recipe : Mango lassi is popular in various Pakistani and Indian restaurants abroad. Mango pulp is used to make this drink. It is available in Singapore, Malaysia and UK. This drink is also famous in Canada, where it is prepared by mixing together yogurt, cream, and sweetened mango kesar pulp. It is served in the form of cold drink in Canada in a big glass with straw, where the drink is garnished with pistachio nuts.
  • Chaas : Chaas is a kind of salted drink which is similar to lassi. The difference between lassi and chaas is that chaas makes use of more water as compared to lassi. Also, butterfat is not used while preparing chaas. So, the consistency of chaas is not much thick.  Cumin seeds (jeera) and salt are the spices that are used for preparing chaas. Fresh coriander is also added at times for enhancing the flavor of the drink. Green chilles and ground ginger are also used sometimes as seasoning. Chaas is quite popular in various states of India and Pakistan. Chaas is normally drunk along with main meal. Chass helps in providing great relief to an individual from extremely hot weather in Pakistani and India during summers. Further, chaas helps in improving the digestive health of an individual.
  • Bhang Lassi Recipe : Bhang lassi is enriched with bhang, which is derived from cannabis (marijuana). This type of drink is very famous in India at the time of Holi festival. This kind of lassi recipe does not make use of yogurt. The ingredients that are often used to prepare bhang drink include milk, crushed ice, water, sugar, saffron, flavoring of kesar pista, ground almonds, ground melon, poppy seeds, spices, and bhang.
  • Doogh : In Afghanistan and Iran, lassi made of water, yogurt and spices is called as doogh.
  • TahnTahn : In Armenian cuisine, lassi is famous by the name of TahnTahn and is prepared by blending together yogurt, water and salt. It is consumed chilled.
  • Ayran : Ayran is a famous drink in turkey, which is quite similar to lassi and is made up of a mix of water and yogurt.



  • Lassi is sometimes used for treating gastroenteritis. A little amount of turmeric powder is added to the drink to treat gastroenteritis. The digestive health of an individual is improved in an amazing manner with the help of consumption of this yogurt based drink.
  • In case of dharmic religion, honey is used in place of sugar to make sweet lassi. This drink is used in performing various religious rituals.