Protein Rich Flavorful Hearty Mulligatawny Soup

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Jul. 31, 2013

Mulligatawny is a curry flavored soup originating from South India, specifically Tamil Nadu. Translated from the local language, Tamil, it literally means "pepper water". From the south of India, this soup has travelled far and wide, and made its presence felt even in the western countries where it is prepared with the addition of beef, lamb or chicken meat.


Carrot 1
Olive oil 1 Tablespoon
Ginger 2 Teaspoon , minced
Garlic 2 Teaspoon , minced
Onion 1 , finely chopped
Curry powder 2 Teaspoon
Water 4 Cup (64 tbs)
Long grain basmati brown rice 2 Tablespoon (Leveled)
Low fat coconut milk 1/4 Cup (4 tbs)
White lentils 1 Cup (16 tbs) (Soaked and cooked)
Freshly ground black pepper To Taste
Salt To Taste
Parsley 1 Tablespoon , finely chopped



1. In a pan, heat the olive oil.

2. Add finely chopped ginger and garlic, onions. Saute the onions till they become translucent. Then add cubed carrots and saute. Add curry powder.

3. Add brown basmati rice and coconut milk to enhance taste and texture.

4. Puree the cooked white lentils to a fine blend. Add this lentil puree to the vegetables. Adjust consistency by adding enough water.

5. Add freshly ground pepper and salt according to taste.

6. Finally add chopped cilantro or parsley and remove from flame in a minute or two.


7. Serve hot flavorful Mulligatawny Soup by squeezing juice of half a lemon or a dollop of yogurt or cream (optional) as a garnish.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Ready In: 30 Minutes
Servings: 4

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 275Calories from Fat 57

 % Daily Value*

Total Fat 7 g10.8%

Saturated Fat 1 g5%

Trans Fat 0 g


Sodium 119 mg4.96%

Total Carbohydrates 41 g13.7%

Dietary Fiber 17 g68%

Sugars 3 g

Protein 14 g28%

Vitamin A % Vitamin C %

Calcium % Iron %

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet