Sambhar - Lentil and vegetable soup

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Jan. 25, 2011

Bhavna brings very tasty and super easy to make Sambhar that can be served with Dosa, Idli, vada, rice and many other dishes.


Tur dal 3/4 Cup (12 tbs) , boiled
Oil 2 Tablespoon
Mustard seeds 1 Teaspoon
Whole dry red chilies 2 Medium
Cumin seeds 3/4 Teaspoon
Asafoetida 1 Pinch
Curry leaves 3 Medium , torn
Ginger paste 1 Teaspoon
Garlic paste 1 Pinch
Turmeric powder 1/2 Teaspoon
Onions 1/2 Medium , chopped finely
Potato 1/2 , cubed
Carrots 1/4 , diced
Green peas 20 Gram
Corn 30 Gram
Tomatoes 1/2 Cup (8 tbs) , chopped
Drum sticks 1 Medium , cut into 2
Garam masala powder 1 Teaspoon (Sambhar garam masala used)
Tamarind paste 3/4 Tablespoon
Brown sugar 1 Teaspoon
Green chili paste 1/2 Teaspoon
Hot water 1 Cup (16 tbs) (As required) (Optional)
Salt To Taste
Fresh cilantro 1 Tablespoon , chopped (For garnishing)



1. In the pressure cooker, boil the tur dal and set aside.


2. Take a pot with a couple of tablespoons of oil, heating at medium. Add the mustard seeds and whole dry red chilies. When they begin to crackle add the cumin seeds.

3. Add a pinch of hing, ginger, curry leaf, and garlic paste and turmeric powder. Add finely chopped onions and stir.

4. Add the potatoes, carrots, green peas and corn. Stir and let it cook. Once the vegetables are tender, add the tomatoes and the boiled drumsticks. Stir well.

5. Add the sambhar garam masala and tamarind paste. Mix all the ingredients well.

6. Add the well cooked and mashed tur dal into the pot with the simmering vegetables. Also add the water in which the dal was boiled.

7. Add brown sugar, green chili paste and salt to taste. Add water, mix well and let the sambhar simmer for a few minutes. Season with salt.

8. Lastly sprinkle some freshly chopped cilantro and turn off the heat.


9. Serve the sambhar hot with rice or dosa.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Cook Time: 20 Minutes
Ready In: 20 Minutes
Servings: 6

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 2221Calories from Fat 277

 % Daily Value*

Total Fat 33 g50.8%

Saturated Fat 4 g20%

Trans Fat 0 g


Sodium 310 mg12.92%

Total Carbohydrates 440 g146.7%

Dietary Fiber 46 g184%

Sugars 6 g

Protein 60 g120%

Vitamin A % Vitamin C %

Calcium % Iron %

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet