Puri For Pani Puri, Puri For Golgappa, Golgappa Puri

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Aug. 08, 2016

We know that appalling feeling, of carefully selecting a pack of puris from the super market, only to come home and find that quite a few of them are cracked or even crushed! Stop relying on store-bought puris for your fantastic chaat creations.
Here is how you can make super-crisp and perfect Puri for Pani Puri, right at home. The semolina and plain flour dough is made with chilled soda, which makes the small puris to puff up while frying. The amount of soda needed to make the dough will differ, depending on the quality of the semolina and flour, so be mindful when mixing. You will really relish the crisp texture of these puris.


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