Urban Rajah - Tandoori Chicken

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Aug. 25, 2015

I smiled the smile of a fool who had just realised his folly as I put the phone down. I had just invited twenty members of my extended family to our pad for lunch, uncles, aunts and cousins, all of which are tremendous cooks. I grew up on their wonderful creations, taking for granted the beauty of the food I had happily demolished for the past few decades. As far back as I can remember I had feasted on Auntie Lorena's biryani, Uncle Lawrie's korma, his older brother Albert's kebabs and the youngest, Uncle Stan's patties. Memories of sweet and sour chutneys, piping hot chapattis, gut busting parathas and lip licking halva had been seared into my foodie recall.


Boneless chicken 1 Kilogram , scored
Lemon juice 3 Tablespoon
Garlic 3 Clove (15 gm)
Ginger 4 Inch
Water 100 Milliliter
Coriander seeds 2 Teaspoon
Cumin seeds 2 Teaspoon
Red chili powder 1/3 Teaspoon
Garam masala powder 2 Teaspoon
Turmeric powder 1/3 Teaspoon
Paprika 4 Teaspoon
Coriander powder 1 Teaspoon
Red food color 6 Drop



1. Score the chicken. Drizzle lemon juice on top. Cover with saran film and place it in the refrigerator for half an hour.



2. Blend ginger and garlic with water until a good paste is formed.

3. Ground coriander and cumin seeds to powder.

4. Add red chili powder, turmeric powder, paprika, coriander powder, ground coriander and cumin and red food coloring to the ginger and garlic paste. Mix well.

5. Coat chicken with this paste and let it marinate in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours.

6. Skewer the marinated chicken and place them over the charcoal or into the grill.

7. Cook until the juices run clear for 15 to 20 minutes.



8. Serve the kababs with chutney. Enjoy!!


Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium
Cook Time: 20 Minutes
Ready In: 20 Minutes
Servings: 6