Coconut Macaroons Recipe - Nariyal Laddus fusionified - Fusion Diwali

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Oct. 16, 2014

We all make or buy Nariyal Laddos, and end up with some leftover.. In this video, I'll show how to make Coconut Macaroons out of those Nariyal laddus or chakkis in less than 2 minutes! You don't need eggs, condensed milk, flour anything. Just laddus and some chocolate. So, these are eggless, gluten free.. Now, make your guests surprised with something so easy to make yet looks fancy. Perfect for this festive season, So make your diwali fusion. So let's get cooking!


Nariyal laddu 5 (((Each laddu gives 2 macaroons)))
Melted chocolate 2 Tablespoon (((As required)))

Recipe Summary

Servings: 5