Paan Sharbat Recipe - Betel Leaf Juice

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Oct. 01, 2014

Are you looking to drink something different? You're at the right place, We are here with Paan Sharbat!

Paan Sharbat was a request from a viewer, and as he explained me the taste of the sharbat, i was excited to drink it.. Its a delight i must say.. This refreshes a sleepy mood to a active mood, gives energy instantly! Also, the sharbat is sweet so people will like it!

The kolkata variety paan leaves, they are sweet, and have a mesmerizing flavor of paan. You can get it at any paan shop or even a grocery store!

Many people might be unaware of the Gulkand. Gulkand is nothing but Rose petals soaked in sugar.. It can be made in home too, but easier to find in market . You can easily get it at any grocery store or paan shop!
This can be served to a kid or a adult.. As it does not contain any ingredient that is harmful or bad for health! Simple ingredients, awesome taste!

So lets begin the journey when and how i started experimenting on it.


Betel leaves 5 ((Kolkata Variety Paan Leaves))
Gulkand 3 Tablespoon
Sugar To Taste
Cherries 5 ((As desired))
Cardamom pods 2



Roughly chop up paan leaves. Two paan leaves per serving! Then get a stone grinder or a rolling pin, and crush them. Rolling Pin with a board works well, just start rolling the paan leaves with some pressure.

After a minute of crushing, it will all come together and then add sugar and gulkand. Crush for 4-5 minutes.

Transfer to a bowl. Take a jug/glass to mix in the ingredients. Take the paste what we prepared just now. Mix in cardamom powder and a cup of water. Stir it and then add another cup. Strain it.


Take a glass, add some gulkand at the bottom of the glass. then add the sharbat. Garnish with a cherry and paan leaf.



Don't use any blender/juicer/grinder/processor for crushing these, it will get a tinge of bitter taste also the flavor will be less!

Dont compromise on the sugar, it should be sweet and energetic. But if you diet conscious then you may go less on it. We dont drink these daily, so once in a while is ok.


Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Very Easy
Servings: 2