The Infamous "Rusty Dawg" Signature Chili Dog

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Feb. 20, 2014

Here is the first video in a "Hot Dog" series, that I will be doing over the next month. This is my own creation, and featuring a hot dog chili sauce that I created way back in the early 90's, and I use to sell these, and they were a huge hit. In this video, I kick them up a notch or two from what I use to sell, but it's still the same basic recipe.


For the chili
Water 2 Cup (32 tbs)
Beer 12 Ounce
Lean ground beef 2 1/4 Pound
White onion 1 , chopped
Extra virgin olive oil 1 Tablespoon
Chili powder 1 Tablespoon
Salt 1 Tablespoon
Cumin 1 Tablespoon
Cocoa 1 Tablespoon
Garlic 6 Clove (30 gm) , crushed
Crushed red pepper flakes 1 Tablespoon
Bay leaf 1
Diced tomatoes 14 1/2 Ounce (unsalted can of diced tomatoes)
Unsalted tomato sauce 8 Ounce (canned sauce)
Pickled serrano peppers 6 , diced
Prepared horseradish 1/2 Teaspoon
Corn starch 2 Tablespoon , dissolved in ¼ cup water
For sauerkraut
Sauerkraut 16 Ounce (refrigerated)
Chili powder 1 Teaspoon
Sugar 1 1/2 Tablespoon
Beer 6 Ounce
Other ingredients
Beef franks 8 (skinless)
Sub roll 4 , top removed and hollowed
Mustard sauce 4 Tablespoon
Cheese cubes 6 Tablespoon (high temperature cheese is used here which stays consistent during cooking.)




1. Pour water in a deep pan, followed by Mexican beer. Now add lean ground beef, and break into a fine mixture and brown in liquid.

2. Heat extra virgin olive oil in a deep pan and saute onions in it. Add chili powder, salt, cumin, cocoa and garlic, and saute for a couple of minutes. Add the ground meat along with the liquid.

3. Add red pepper flakes, bay leaf, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. Mix well and simmer for an hour.

4. Now add serrano peppers and horseradish, and simmer for another hour. Mix in corn starch water solution and cook for a couple of minutes until the chilli attains desired thickness.



5. In a deep pan, add sauerkraut, chili powder, sugar and mix well. Now add Mexican beer and simmer for 20 minutes.

6. Place the beef franks on hot grill, and cook for a few minutes until grill marks start appearing.


7. Preheat oven at 275 degrees.

8. Take a sub roll, and cut around and hollow it out. Place 2 grilled beef franks in it. Spread one tablespoon of mustard sauce over the beef franks, followed by 1.5 tablespoons of cubed cheese.

9. Now spread around 3 tablespoons of prepared beef chili, followed by 3 tablespoons of prepared sauerkraut.

Repeat to prepare 3 more rusty hot dogs.

10. Wrap the stuffed hot dog in an aluminum foil and heat for around 20 minutes.


11. Serve immediately.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Bit Difficult
Cook Time: 40 Minutes
Ready In: 40 Minutes
Servings: 4

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 1358Calories from Fat 572

 % Daily Value*

Total Fat 64 g98.5%

Saturated Fat 20 g100%

Trans Fat 0 g


Sodium 4611 mg192.13%

Total Carbohydrates 103 g34.3%

Dietary Fiber 16 g64%

Sugars 27 g

Protein 85 g170%

Vitamin A % Vitamin C %

Calcium % Iron %

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet