Hash Brown

Hash Brown is a popular potato dish prepared by grating, shredding and frying potatoes. A hash brown dish is mostly eaten as a breakfast food. The hash brown recipes are easy and do not require much of  preparation time. The dish can be either made at home or can be bought easily from any fastfood restaurant.



Hash browns belong to American cuisine, but it is eaten worldwide.Initially, hash browns were known as hashed brown potatoes or hashed browned potatoes. This name got shortened and finally somewhere around 1970, it became hash brown. If a hash brown recipe makes use of beef or some other diced vegetables it is more commonly referred to as hash.


Ingredients and Preparation

The major ingredient in the preparation of the hash brown is the potato. To make hash browns, potatoes without the bruise must be chosen. Also, the potatoes should be  cleansed off dirt by washing them.Oil or butter is used for frying and chopped onions are used to add crispiness to the dish. Other vegetables like bell peppers and zucchini can also be added to potatoes. After the potatoes are grated, they should be pressed to drain out the moisture. Doing so will make the hash brown crispy and tasty.The potatoes used in the dish can be prepared in different ways. They can be baked, boiled or grated raw prior to cooking. In an oil filled pan, grated potatoes either alone or mixed with other grated vegetables, are fried. When the contents of the pan get brown and crispy, the fried potatoes are pressed to make a potato cake. The cake is then sliced and served. The russet varieties of potatoes make delicious hash browns with a nourishing taste and texture. These potatoes absorb less fat in cooking, ensuring crispy hash browns.



Hash brown tastes well when served hot. A hash brown recipe is mostly used for American breakfast. Once ready, the dish is served with condiments like salt, pepper, ketchup, applesauce, hot sauce, and sour cream. These grated and fried potatoes pair with scrambled eggs, steaks, sausages and beverages like tea, coffee and juice.



Swiss rosti is a hash brown which is made by mixing potatoes with onions, bacon, apples and other ingredients. The Swiss rösti is a classic dish and can be relished at any meal time.


Latkes are part of Jewish tradition and also a variation in hash brown recipes. Latkes are a popular food especially cooked during Hanukkah celebration. Latkes are mixed with small amounts of matzo flour, onion, and eggs. Then they are formed into small patties which are fried in oil.


Apart from these, hash brown dishes are experimented in many other ways. Sweet potatoes are used with regular potatoes. Grated radishes or beet is added to grated potato. Cheese can also be added to enhance the taste.


Hash brown can be used as pizza topping


Hash brown tossed with corn, red pepper, jalapeno peppers and garlic provides a south west flavor to hash brown dishes.


Health and Nutritional Facts


Serving size - 2 oz

Calories - 150, Calories from fat - 81 cal, Fat - 9g, Trans fats - 3 g, Sodium - 320 mg, Total Carbohydrates - 18 g


  • Hash brown is very high in calories and fat. The major contribution of calories in the dish is from fats. It contains unhealthy trans fats which are known for increasing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Trans fats also lead to other chronic problems like obesity, cancer, diabetes and organ dysfunction.
  • It contains high amounts of sodium which increases hypertension and blood pressure. 
  • Commercially available hash brown is considered junk food. It can be made in a healthier way by adoptiong healthier cooking techniques like baking and grilling. Very minimum oil is used to make the mixture. This helps to reduce the fat content thereby reducing the calorific value of the dish.