Loukoumade is a sweet dessert consisting of deep fried dough balls dipped in honey syrup and sprinkled with sugar. It has a mixed origin in Greece, Persia, and Egypt. The dish is also called Lokma in Turkey, Lokmades in Cypriot and Luqmat al-qadi in Persia.


History of Loukoumade

Loukoumade is considered to be the oldest recorded dessert in world. In ancient Greece, these deep fried dough balls were served to the winners of the Greek Olympics. The Greek poet Callimachus was the first to state that these deep fried dough balls were soaked in honey and then served to the winners as “honey tokens.” Over the years, this same recipe spread out all over the ancient world. Local variations were prepared in Greece, Turkey, Egypt and other ancient states too. In Greece, the dish is prepared from fermented dough that is spiced with cinnamon. The local Greek Jews still make a traditional version of the dish called zvingoi which is cooked and served during Hanukkah. A slightly different recipe is also prepared in Italy and it is called sfingi di San Giuseppe. A slight variation is also made in Egypt and Iraq called Luqmat al-qadi. 


Ingredients Used and Loukoumade Recipe Overview

Dough is first prepared with yeast, flour, sugar, butter and salt. Dough balls are then made and deep fried. These are then soaked in honey syrup or sprinkled with sugar. Although the exact recipe may differ from location to location, most chefs will use basic flour and sugar to create the dough balls.


Serving and Eating Loukoumades

The dish is usually served as a dessert after rolling in sugar. The sweet dough balls are then sprinkled with cinnamon to bring out the taste. The exact appearance of the Loukoumades varies. Some people prepare round dough balls while others may prepare doughnut shaped varieties that are cooked in the same way.


Popular Variations for the Loukoumade Recipe

Instead of using honey, warmed sugar syrup can be used on the dough balls. The fritters can be prepared with yoghurt and sour cream. This will give a mildly sour taste to the dish.


Health and Nutrition Facts

The nutritive value of the dish varies with ingredients used. A single serving of 156gms has about 301 calories.