Schnapps is very famous alcoholic beverage that comes under the category of distilled drinks. Schnapps is basically an English word and various different versions of this drink are available all over the world. The most popular is the German Schnapps Recipe that is referred to any strong alcoholic drink containing at least 32% ABV. Unlike these alcoholic drinks, American schnapps are flavored with fruits, herbs and spices and regarded as true liquers.


In appearance, German drink is crystal clear without any color. The fragrance of German schnaps is quite fruity as it is distilled from the freshly pressed juice of fruits. While bottling the beverage no sugar is added and about 40% ABV exist in the drink at that time. In most of the German speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland, many German-spirits are included in the category of schnapps. These drinks are collectively known as ‘Obstlers’.


American schnapps are usually based on grain spirits mixed with fruits flavors. Unlike, German drink, sugar is added while bottling the American drink. It is typically a smooth, syrup-like liquid. The content of alcohol ranges between 15%-50% ABV.


History and Origin of Schnapps Recipe

In German language, schnapps or schnaps means ‘clear liquid’. ‘Schnapps’ is an English term that is originally derived from German language. This German drink is originated with a view that alcohol contains medicinal properties as well. This view was presented by the monks and German physicians and health experts had taken it very seriously and developed a drink that contains alcohol in a prescribed amount to keep the body warm. Bavarian Ettal monestry and Harz region are famous for bottling of this popular and beneficial drink.


Ingredients Prescribed by Schnapps Recipe

Schnapps are typically prepared with fruits. Some of the commonly used fruits in making German drink are apples, pears, red and black cherries and plums. Some of these fruits are quite expensive and some are least expensive. Austrian Schnapps recipe is commonly prepared with Apricot. Other fruits apart from these mentioned fruits are very rarely used in making this distilled drink. Raspberry is one of those rare fruits, but used to make a spirit called ‘Himbeergeist’.


Apples and pear are collectively used to make fruit brandy. Various other drinks including Poire Williams and Kirschwasser are some popular recipes prepared with pears, cherries and plums. Grains are also commonly used to make distilled beverages in Northern Germany.


American schnapps are syrup-like drinks that are due to the presence of added sugar and glycerin. Variety of flavors is used to make these types of drinks. Fruit flavor is provided by the use of blackberry, apricot, cherries and banana. Aniseed and cinnamon are the common spices used to give a unique flavor to schnapps recipe. Peach, peppermint, mint, lemon and mandarin orange flavors are also quite popular in making American distilled beverage. In few recipes, coffee, root beer and butterscotch are also commonly included.


Method of Preparation of Schnapps Recipe

Schnapps is a distilled drink; hence fermentation and distillation are the main methods of preparation of this drink. Fruit must (the freshly pressed fruit juice) is typically used to make the drink. In German schnaps, no sugar is added while bottling, whereas, American drink is bottled with glycerin and sugar.


The maturation of schnapps may require weeks or months. The fruits are crushed and kept for fermentation. The distillation process is quite easy, but should be done with perfection as the resultant liquid should be crystal clear.


Serving of Schnaps

Schnaps is an alcoholic drink and it is usually served as an apetif. It should be presented in decorative or old bottles or may be in decanters. Tall glasses are typically used to serve this drink. Crystal stem glasses are the most appropriate glasses for this. Crystal has coarse surface that helps in releasing the fine aroma of the drink. It is advised to serve it at room temperature as ice cold drink would not allow enjoying the true flavors of the schnapps.


To get more of the flavors, the eyes should be closed while the drink is being sipped and then, the drink is best gulp into the mouth, “chewed,” “rolled” and enjoyed. This drink is a work of art, hence should be consumed with great pleasure.


It is also used to make various cocktail drinks and cakes and pastries.


Nutritional and Health Facts Related to Schnapps Recipe

Like other alcoholic drinks, schnapps also contains medicinal properties as stated by monks. Though it is a calorific drink due to added sugar, but it is also a great source of carbohydrates. To keep the body warm in winters, schnaps is a very nice drink.