XL Fish with Fresh Herbs Crust - English Grill and BBQ

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May. 19, 2014

A classic german fish dish that you could enjoy any day.


Fresh fish fillets 800 Gram (Pollock or any other fish of your choice)
Salt & pepper To Taste
Olive oil 7 Tablespoon
For topping
Butter 125 Gram
Breadcrumbs 100 Gram
Chopped fresh herbs 1 1/4 Cup (20 tbs) (Green onions, dill, parsley and chives)



1. In a bowl, take butter, chopped fresh herbs and bread crumbs. Mix it well to make the topping, set it aside.

2. Prepare the grill for indirect heat at 150 C.



3. In an aluminium pan, pour some oil all over. Place the fish in the pan. Drizzle with some more olive oil.

4. Season the fish with freshly ground pepper and salt.  Layer it with the topping uniformly. Spread it well.

5. Place the pan in the grill and cook the fish for about 45 minutes or until the top is brown and crusty.



6. Slice it and serve with mashed potatoes or salad of your choice.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium
Cook Time: 45 Minutes
Ready In: 45 Minutes
Servings: 8