Fusion food refers to the combination of various cuisines. Though Fusion food is not specific for any particular region it has various features adopted from different cuisines. It is believed that fusion cuisine was introduced in 1970 by some of the contemporary restaurants of the age. Asian restaurants have introduced fusion dishes comprising of a hybrid Asian and continental foods. Restaurants are the main entities responsible for making fusion food popular world wide.


History of Fusion Food
Wolfgang Puck, famous Australian chef and restaurateur, is considered as one of the founders of Fusion cuisine. His restaurant ‘Chinois’ is one of the best restaurants for fusion food. Another famous restaurateur, Richard Wing has pioneered the Sino-French fusion cuisine and introduced it in ‘Imperial Dynasty Restaurant’, California. In that way, the trend of serving fusion dishes in restaurants began.


Classification of Fusion Cuisine

  • Tex-Mex cuisine – It is the mixture of food popular in Texas, America and Mexico. Mexican cuisine is one of the popular international cuisines and when it is brought into association with Texas cuisine, the resultant cuisine becomes Tex-Mex cuisine. Outside Texas, this fusion cuisine is known as South-Eastern cuisine. Quesadillas, tostadas, Guacamole, fajitas and Hatch Chile are some of the popular Tex-Mex dishes.
  • Italian-American cuisine- It is one of the fusion cuisines introduced by Italian immigrants in America. They modified the Italian food according to the American cuisine. Though their food traditions are Italian, some American characteristics are infused to develop a new fusion food called Italian-American food. Spaghetti with meat balls, eggplant parmesan, baked ziti and tiramisu are some of the fusion dishes introduced in America by the Italians.
  • Indian-Chinese cuisine – This cuisine is the adoption of Chinese spices and seasonings into to the Indian cuisine. Indians like spicy food and hence Indian-Chinese food is considered as one of the spiciest foods. It is mainly introduced by a small Chinese community that lived in Kolkata, India. Chicken Manchurian, Hakka Noodles, Hunan chicken and sweet-corn soup are some of the popular Indian-Chinese dishes.


Ingredients Commonly Used in Fusion Dishes
Fusion food is not a kind of food that fits into any single cuisine. Fusion dishes either consist of original dishes using ingredients and spices from other cuisines or use the local ingredients for making popular dishes from other cuisines. Like, fusion-sushi, this dish may be made by using maki wrap but the ingredients may vary from basmati rice to Spanish rice and cheese, salsa etc.


Cooking Methods Used In Fusion Cuisine
Almost all methods like grilling, stewing, baking, roasting and stir-frying are used in making fusion dishes. All these methods are changed and adopted according to the place where dish is being prepared.


Gourmet Fusion Dishes

  • Mushroom and Cheese salad – It is one of the most popular fusion dishes served in almost all cuisines.
  • Alajento Veal with sushi salad – It is a kind of fusion dish that is popular in Japan and European countries.
  • Wilted greens and veggies – A healthy vegetarian dish popularly served as a side dish in Fusion cuisine.
  • Mango-papaya salsa – It is a variation of traditional Mexican salsa. It is a perfect example of Fusion food.


Popular Everyday Fusion Dishes

  • Toast with mushroom, herbs and yogurt – it is a commonly served snack in Fusion cuisine.
  • Tuna, guacamole and Ricotta cake – A perfect blend of tuna and ricotta cheese.
  • Pasta primavera – This pasta dish originated in Italian cuisine but spread its popularity in American cuisine.


Places Popular for Fusion Food

  • Roy’s restaurant, Hawaii Island – It is one of the most popular chain of restaurants famous for fusion food. Here, Asian cuisine is the mainstay and western food is perfectly blended with Asian taste.
  • Samba Steak and Sushi House Japanese-South American Fusion – Located in Boston, USA, this place is famous for classic Japanese dishes containing American flavor. 


Fusion cuisine is called “Confusion cuisine” by its dissidents.