Spicy Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs on the Kamado Joe

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Apr. 15, 2014

A rack of pork spare ribs, that I decided to cook on the kamado joe, using Asian flavors, and I'm here to tell you, that the flavors really came together nice! These were just bursting with flavor. Moist tender, and just plain delicious.


Stir fry oil 1/2 Cup (8 tbs) (House of Tsang)
Pink salt To Taste (Himalyan)
Cracked black pepper To Taste
Pork rib 6 Pound
Banana sauce 6 Tablespoon
Chili garlic sauce 6 Tablespoon
Sweet sour sauce 6 Tablespoon



1. Heat up the grill and create smoke with apple wood chips. Place a dripping pan as well.



2. Place the ribs, meat side up over the grill and let it cook at about 250 F for hour and a half. Spread banana sauce all over the rib.

3. Cook for another hour and a half. Place it on the aluminium foil and spread chilli garlic sauce all ove the rib. Cover in foil and let it rest.

4. After 2 hours, place it back on the grill and let it cook for another hour.

5. Baste with sweet and sour sauce and let it grill it for another 30 minutes.  Pull them off the grill and let it rest for 12 minutes or so.



6. Slice and serve the ribs. 

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium
Cook Time: 210 Minutes
Ready In: 210 Minutes
Servings: 12