Orange Seitan

Today I will be making Chinese Orange Seitan. Follow along as I show you how to make a tasty dish that will be a hit for vegans and meat eaters alike!


For seitan:
Vital wheat gluten 2 Cup (32 tbs)
Nutritional yeast flakes 1/2 Cup (8 tbs)
Garlic powder 2 Teaspoon
Vegetable stock 5 Cup (80 tbs) , divided into 1 and 4 cups
Red onion 1/2 , chopped
Garlic 1 Clove (5 gm) , minced
Chinese 5 spice powder 2 Teaspoon
Orange juice concentrate 2 Tablespoon , thawed
Ground szechuan peppercorns 1 Teaspoon
Red pepper flakes 1/4 Teaspoon
Soy sauce 1 Tablespoon
For sauce:
Orange juice concentrate 1/2 Cup (8 tbs) , thawed
Sugar 2 Tablespoon
Soy sauce 1/2 Cup (8 tbs)
Toasted sesame seed oil 1 Tablespoon
Fresh ginger 1 Inch , peeled, finely grated
Garlic 2 Clove (10 gm) , minced
Dried chili To Taste
Chili sauce 1 Tablespoon
Ground szechuan peppercorns 1 Tablespoon
Dried orange peel 1 , chopped
For breading:
Cornstarch 1/2 Cup (8 tbs)
Flour 1/2 Cup (8 tbs) ((whole wheat or white))
Baking powder 2 Teaspoon
Baking soda 1 Teaspoon
Water 1/2 Cup (8 tbs)
Salt 1 Teaspoon
Grains of paradise 1 Teaspoon , ground
Ground szechuan peppercorns 1/2 Teaspoon
Red pepper flakes 1/2 Teaspoon
Fresh ginger 1 Inch , finely shredded
Cooking oil 2 Cup (32 tbs) ((For deep frying))
Cooked rice 4 Cup (64 tbs) ((for serving))
Asian vegetables 2 Cup (32 tbs) ((fresh or frozen))



In a large bowl, combine wheat gluten, yeast flakes, garlic powder, Chinese 5 spice powder, ground peppercorns, minced garlic and mix well.

Add 1 cup of vegetable stock, orange juice concentrate, soy sauce and mix until it forms a ball. Knead for 2 minutes.

Make loaf or cut into bite sized pieces.

Place in pot with remaining vegetable stock, onion and bring to boil. Turn down heat and cover with a lid. Allow to simmer for 45 minutes.

Once done, allow to cool completely.

In a large bowl, sift together corn starch, flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, grains of paradise, ground peppercorns, red pepper flakes, ginger, water and mix well to form a thick batter.

Heat a pan with oil to 350-380F. Dip seitan in batter and deep fry in oil.

Drain excess oil using paper towels.

Heat wok in high flame with sesame oil.

Add ginger, garlic, chili flakes, peppercorns, orange peel and stir well.

Add chili sauce, orange juice concentrate, sugar, soy sauce and bring to boil.

Add fried seitan, veggies and stir well for 2 minutes.


Serve over rice and enjoy!

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Cook Time: 60 Minutes
Ready In: 60 Minutes
Servings: 4

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 1061Calories from Fat 134

 % Daily Value*

Total Fat 16 g24.6%

Saturated Fat 2 g10%

Trans Fat 0 g


Sodium 3709 mg154.54%

Total Carbohydrates 154 g51.3%

Dietary Fiber 9 g36%

Sugars 31 g

Protein 75 g150%

Vitamin A % Vitamin C %

Calcium % Iron %

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet