Vincent La Chapelle

Vincent La Chapelle was a French Chef who worked as a master cook to many Kings and their mistresses. He is a legendary cook who had shown some great works in the past.


Though Chef Vincent La Chapelle was an ancient Chef, he always tried to contribute to the contemporary culinary preferences, his cooking being stylish and modern. His dishes were typically based on Dutch and English styles of cooking. Being a master chef, he always used to consider the preferences of his clientele and sometimes made low fat recipes.


It is also stated that some of his recipes are inspired by the book written by Massialot, the predecessor of Vincent la Chapelle. The book, written in 1692,contains some of the best court recipes and confectionery items.


Professional Life of Chef Vincent La Chapelle

The fact is mystifying but it is said that Vincent la Chapelle was born in 1690 or 1703. In his gourmand journey he traveled a lot to Portugal and Spain. Spanish cooking and Portuguese styles are quiet evident in the recipes created by him in past.


In his professional career as a Chef, He worked with Phillip Dormer Stanhope, King of Portugal John V and Madame Pompadour( Mistress of the King of France Louis XV) . Vincent la Chapelle served the British and French courts for many years and impressed the royal members with his excellent culinary expertise.


Notable Achievements of Chef Vincent La Chapelle

  • During the service of Chesterfield, Vincent La Chapelle penned down the book called ‘The Modern Cook’. Through his cook book, he became the first writer to create some modern recipes. In 1735, the book was published in French
  • In 1742, many of his other works were published such as ‘The Hauge’. The recipes published in this cook book were generally Dutch and English. Some low fat and even Indian recipes were also included for the readers.