Lorraine food is a very rich variety of French food that is found along the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. The rich local food crops and history have contributed to a particularly great version of French food.


Historical and Cultural Influences on Lorraine Cuisine

The Alsace Lorraine region of France has always been in dispute due to its proximity to the border. The Lorraine region sits on the border with three neighboring countries Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany and all of them have contributed to its rich cuisine, wine and food culture. Most of Lorraine has a clear French culture and this is reflected in its cuisine.


Ingredients Commonly Used in Lorraine Cuisine

The rich soil of the Lorraine region encourages a huge variety of seasonal vegetables that are used in Lorraine food. Potato is one of the most popular vegetables and Quiche Lorraine is the signature dish of the region. Vineyards are spread out over hills in the region that are responsible for the huge plethora of famous vintages from the region. Beer and local brandies are also produced locally and are an integral part of food in Lorraine. There is even a very popular local beer museum chronicling the history of beer making in the city. Game is very popular in the form of boar, pheasant, pigs, rabbits, quails, partridges, and even deer. Most of the meats are braised in rich red or white wine sauces that add to their taste. Fresh river fish in the form of trout, carp and salmon is available during season and locally produced meat, chicken and consumed in a variety of ways. Forest produce in the form of wild mushrooms, and berries are very commonly used in Lorraine food.


LorraineCuisine Recipes Popular in Foreign Culture

  • Quiche Lorraine is the signature dish of the region where bacon, onions, eggs and flavored cream are baked into a pastry shell.
  • Muenster cheese is a popular cheese sold world wide that is also made in the Mosges district of Lorraine. 
  • Mirabelle or Local Yellow Plums are used by Lorraine chefs to flavor local tarts and sweets but the plums are famous worldwide.


Traditional Lorraine Recipes

Popular dishes from the Lorraine region include-

  • Boulay macaroons and Nancy macaroons which are delicate biscuits created from whipped egg white, sugar and almonds
  • Bar-le-Duc is a special redcurrant jam of the region which has to be deseeded with a goose feather
  • Spinadors are a regional specialty made of almond hazelnut and sugar shells that are piped and filled with chocolate praline
  • Sugared sweets are a special of the Verdun region and are created from almonds and chocolate and filled with a variety of fillings
  • Pâté lorrain is a very common dish of chopped pork and veal stewed with the local wine in a pastry shell
  • Potée lorraine is a stew of the local smoked meats or Andouille sausages with vegetables