‘Galette’ is a French term that represents a crusty cake, which is mostly flat and round in shape. One of the typical Galette cake is prepared as a part of the Epiphany celebration and is known as ‘Cgalette des Rois’ or the King cake. It is a type of thin large pancake which mostly hails from the French regions of Normandy and Brittany. The cake is believed to have replaced bread as the basic food and is eaten countrywide. The history of Galette dates back to the Neolithic ages, and it is believed that the Galette recipe would have evolved from the ancient practice of spreading thick cereal paste on hot stones. The Galette is mostly made from Buckwheat flour, butter, sugar, and eggs in different variations. The traditional French Galette is prepared with finely chopped or pureed Potato and with cereals like maize, millet, and oats. One of the most common variations to the dish is the Chinese Bing.


Origin Of Galettes

The most well known story behind the origin of the cake is the story of the Twelfth Night, when the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem with gifts for baby Jesus and Galette commemorates this day. One of the oldest findings claim that the origin of the Galette dates back to 1311. At the time of the French Revolution, the name of Galette cake or King Cake was replaced with "Galette of Equality", because of the end of monarchy rule. Another claim states that in the 11th Century, the monks of Besancon elected their future leader through a process in which a silver coin was inserted inside the Galette bread. The custom was repeated by other monasteries as well. According to the traditional history of France, there were many games associated with the Galette.


Ingredients Used And Popular Method Of Preparation: Galette Recipe

The basic ingredients for the Galette include puffed pastry, butter, salt, water, egg yolk and cream. Typical flaky dough is prepared with butter and buckwheat flour for the preparation of the Galettes. Once the crust is prepared various flavors like pineapple, almonds, etc can be added. The crust is folded to keep the filling intact. It should be specifically noted that if there gaps in the crust the fruit flavorings could escape through them. Once the Galette is baked it is served warm. The cakes can be garnished with Cheese, Apple slices, Berries, cut vegetables, or even Egg, Meat, or Fish.


Popular Variations Of Galettes

The most popular varieties of this cake recipe can be seen with grated Emmental cheese, a ham slice, and egg. It is known as the Galette Complète or complete Galette in France. Another variation is wrapping a hot sausage in the Galette cake and it is known as Galette Saucisse. It is a traditional dish found in Rennes, France. In the New Orleans, a similar variation of the dish can be found and it is known as Louisiana-style king cake. The Mexican la Rosca de Reyes is another variety of the recipe which is also prepared and eaten on the Epiphany Day.


Health Facts Of Galette Crusty Cake

A normal Galette made of buckwheat consists of nearly 320 calories per serving which includes nearly 42% fat, 49% carbohydrates, and 7% protein.