Dacquoise is a dessert cake, which has a creamy and crispy texture, derives its name from a French word dacquois which means ‘of Dax’; which is the name of a city in Southwestern part of France. The cake is usually served chilled with fruits and is available in many different flavors including coffee, raspberry and caramel. It is also referred to as nut meringue.


History of Dacquoise Recipe

A Dacquoise is a dessert cake made of hazelnut meringue which is a dessert prepared from mixing egg whites and sugar. The meringue is said to have originated in 1600s and with it came the other variations of this dessert including Dacquoise. The French culinary tradition in this period was very sophisticated and a number of desserts made their way to dining room. This French dessert cake was made to satisfy the taste buds of people of French court. The recipe became popular in England in 1789 when many French chefs moved to serve the upper class English people.


Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used: Dacquoise Recipe

To make this nut meringue, the ingredients which are required include egg whites, sugar, butter, hazelnuts, cream of tartar, chopped chocolate, salt, sour cream and vanilla. First the meringue is prepared by blending egg whites, cream of tartar, and sugar. Butter cream is made by mixing butter, sugar and eggs and is used as a filling between the layers of meringue. Other flavors of cream are also used depending on the personal choice. Once smooth, vanilla is added and the ganache is ready to be used. Ganache is used between the meringue layers and the cake is set by stacking them firmly. Once the cake is set, ganache is used to cover the sides of the cake as well. The nuts are decorated all over soon after the application of ganache and once set, the cake is cut into slices and garnished with cocoa powder (optional) before serving.


Popular Dacquoise Recipes

  • Marjolaine- A popular type of Dacquoise which is usually cut in long rectangular pieces for serving and is made by arranging almond and hazelnut meringue layers along with chocolate buttercream.
  • Rum and chocolate Dacquoise- A delicious cake preparation consisting of meringues topped with heavy cream containing chocolates, cherries and rum.
  • Lemon and fresh strawberry Dacquoise - A fruity and tangy cake topped with fresh strawberries and nuts.
  • Banana pecan Dacquoise- This cake consists of caramelized bananas assorted with roasted pecans filled in between the meringue layers and topped with sugar dust