Crème De Menthe

Crème de menthe is an alcoholic beverage with a sweet taste and a minty flavor, a flavor usually extracted from the Corsican mint. Crème de menthe is commercially marketed in a pair of versions, one of which is called “white,” since it is colorless and the other is called “green,” since it bears a deep green color either contributed by a coloring agent or by the addition of mint leaves in the liqueur. The most popular Crème de menthe recipebelongs to the cocktail category, while there are a few recipes which employ the liqueur in the making of cakes, brownies and chocolate drinks. The two best known cocktail recipes made with Crème de menthe include the Vodka Stinger and the Grasshopper, which are generally served as post dinner drinks. The strong minty flavor of this liqueur makes it an active ingredient in several food recipes.


History of Crème de menthe Recipe

The origin of Crème de menthe is attributed to a dispensing pharmacist Emile Giffard, who while undertaking a research on mint and its digestive and refreshing values, invented a white color minty flavored pure and clear liqueur, which she distributed to the customers of the Grand Hotel in Angers and it soon became immensely popular. That was back in 1885 and since then, Crème de menthe has been a popular liqueur and an active ingredient in several food and drink recipes.


Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Crème de menthe Recipe

The most basic Crème de menthe is made with water, sugar, 188-proof grain alcohol, pure extract of peppermint or spearmint and an optional green edible coloring which could be synthetic or extracted from mint leaves. The traditional Crème de menthe Recipe is made by steeping the dried leaves of mint in the grain alcohol for many weeks, which creates a green color in the liqueur, after which, the liqueur is filtered and mixed with sugar. Some recipes of Crème de menthe, call for water, glycerine and vodka as the solution base of the liqueur, all of which are boiled together with sugar and mint leaves and aged for about a month before being bottled.


Serving and Eating Crème de menthe

Crème de menthe is traditionally served in a small glass which typically bears a tube shape. The drink is ideally served post lunch or dinner as it is considered to be an effective digestive aid. The ice cream shakes prepared with this liqueur are generally served with a topping of pecans or nuts. Often, the liqueur is served along with other dishes as a dressing in the form of a mint flavored green and sweet syrup. This mostly includes desserts amongst foods and cocktails amongst drinks. This liqueur can thus, be spotted easily as a dark green drizzle over pastries, cookies, cut fruits, nuts and dry fruits and ice creams. Crème de menthecan also be tasted in fruity alcoholic beverages such as daiquiris and margaritas and also in basic drinks like scotch, cola, rum, coffee or even plain water.


Popular Variations in Crème de menthe Recipe

In Australia, Crème de menthe is almost synonymous with Minted Peas, which is a drink that’s prepared by combining this minty liqueur with coke. Another popular Crème de menthe Recipe is tocombine ice cream with the Crème de menthe and make a mint shake out of it.


Health and Nutrition Facts of Crème d menthe Recipe

Crème d menthe is considered an effective digestif and thus, it makes a suitable drink post meal times. However, since the drink contains alcohol, the caloric value of this beverage is quite high. There is also a mild presence of carbohydrates and proteins in the drink although there are no fats.


Crème de menthe:Trivia 

  • In popular literature, in Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, a Crème de menthe based cocktail is invented by a bartender and named “End of The World Delight,” and the very next day, Hiroshima was bombed.
  • In the best known Hercule Poirot novels by Agatha Christie, Poirot is portrayed as having a strong affinity for flavored drinks, and the Crème de mentheis his most favored choice.
  • In the well known Hollywood movie “28 Days Later” when Celina and Jim return to the apartment of Hannah and Frank as survivors, the group celebrates with Crème de menthe.