Side Effects Of Butter

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May. 06, 2011

"fid":"547594","viewmode":"wysiwyg","fields":"format":"wysiwyg","type":"media","attributes":"alt":"Butter side effects","title":"Excessive consumption of butter is associated with serious side effects","style":"border-bottom: 2px solid border-left: 2px solid margin: 6px width: 300px float: left height: 180px border-top: 2px solid border-right: 2px solid","class":"media-element file-wysiwyg"Most of us are aware of the side effects of butter but we generally overlook them as they get prominent in long timeframe. We use butter in cooking and baking several dishes and enjoy it in different forms. Although this milk product is a good source of energy but certain side effects are also associated with its over consumption. Those ill effects if not treated on time can cause serious health hazards, so lets have a look on the butter side effects.


Common Side Effects Of Butter


Cardiovascular Disorders

Butter is a rich source of saturated fats which are known to adversely affect the heart. Deposition of saturated fats in the arteries is a very serious health disorder. Cardiac arrest is one of the major side effects of butter which often results due to prolonged intake of butter in excess amount.



Certain cancers are related to the deposition of cholesterol in the body. Butter being one of the rich sources of saturated fats gets deposited in the body in the form of bad cholesterol that may increase the risk of certain cancers.



Excessive consumption of butter also results into obesity, so it is not good for people on diet. Furthermore, obesity in itself is a major health disorder giving rise to several body ailments. So, one should restrict the consumption of butter or include it in a healthy way to avoid unnecessary weight gain.



Individuals who have milk allergies should avoid butter because it is a dairy product and has enough allergy causing proteins which can cause reactions in persons sensitive to milk.


Tongue Sores

There are several factors behind tongue sores and it also depends on individuals lifestyle but butter is also associated with it to a certain extent. It has been found that excessive eating of fatty foods like butter plays a major role in tongue sores.


These were some of the side effects of butter which can turn serious and even fatal if not treated on time. So, one should not overlook them and restrict the consumption of butter in judicious amount to avoid the occurrence of such ill effects.


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