How To Remove The Smell Of Yeast From Bread?

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Mar. 24, 2011


"fid":"545335","viewmode":"wysiwyg","fields":"format":"wysiwyg","type":"media","attributes":"alt":"nanny's bread","title":"bread ","style":"margin: 6px float: left width: 300px height: 195px border-width: 4px border-style: solid","class":"media-element file-wysiwyg"Gone are the days when people used to knead dough, remove the smell of yeast and bake the bread at home. Nevertheless, if you are still insisting on getting homemade bread from the nannys house near yours, and then see that you get good quality bread. One of the main problems with these breads is that they carry a characteristic odor. In order, to remove the smell of yeastfrom the homemade bread, do the following tests to confirm the smell is either from the bread or from the bread machine.


How does the smell of yeast is found on your bread?

You will be finding that the smell of yeast in the bread will smell like the same odor that you got when you opened the fresh pack of yeast and the bread has a sour flavor to taste. If you find one of these two things happen, then you need to remove the yeast smell.

"fid":"545336","viewmode":"wysiwyg","fields":"format":"wysiwyg","type":"media","attributes":"alt":"yeast smell","title":"smelly yeast","style":"margin: 5px float: right width: 300px height: 195px border-width: 4px border-style: solid","class":"media-element file-wysiwyg"Reasons for yeast smell will include, over risen bread, use of high temperature during mixing and rising of the bread dough, use of too much of yeast or the kneading with the yeast is not even. Apart, from this the problem could be less technical in the making of bread, because the yeast smell could be carried with the bread-making machine.

Removing yeast smell: Discussed here are some of solutions to the issues for the cause of yeasty flavor on you the bread that you make at home.

Do the finger-top test to find out that you risen the bread good enough, that is, not more than twice the amount of dough you used initially. You can measure and make a mark to stop baking and remove the bread from the oven at the right time.

This is always good to keep the temperature for rising and baking at 75 to 85 degree Fahrenheit, while the mixing temperature being room temperature of 37 degree Celsius.

Knead the dough well that the yeast spreads evenly into the entire dough and does not be in patches, so that this does not leave yeast flavor in regions where the yeast are in higher amounts. This being the case, your bread also will not rise properly and will cause problems in giving you proper bread.

When you have ruled out all these possibilities and still find the bread carry a yeasty flavor, then smell into your bread making machine, when switched off. You will find that the yeasty flavor is from there and you need to clean the whole machine with hot water, lemon rinds and baking soda to remove the yeasty flavor in the bread machine.

As you have come to know of the solution to remove the smell of yeast, then you are right, you can now make tastier breads that you can even sell them to others.

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