Some Interesting Facts About Sour Cream: Know your cream better!

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Oct. 13, 2010


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Are you a patron of sour cream? Do you love ladling your chilli bowl with a huge dollop of sour cream? Read on to know some interesting facts about sour cream and learn more about your favourite topping.







What is Sour Cream?


Sour cream is lightly sour in flavour and is prepared by fermenting the regular cream with some lactic acid bacteria. The bacteria culture which may have been added externally or may have developed naturally in the cream, helps in imparting a little sour flavor to the cream and thickens the cream considerably.


Some Interesting sour cream facts


Sour cream is a very popular dairy product and is often served as a condiment with toasts, soups, salads etc. Some interesting facts about sour cream have been listed below:


Sour cream is a popular product in the European and North American Cuisines.


The very first sour cream in the world got prepared accidently centuries ago when the cream of skimmed milk became sour as it was not refrigerated.Once it was discovered, people found uses for the sour cream.


In the earlier times, sour cream was prepared by putting a container of heavy, regular cream on the back of a regular stove until the cream developed an acidic taste and became thick.


The time for which the sour cream was kept on the stove to acidify determined the degree of sourness. Sometimes the cream became intensely sour and sometimes it had a mild sour taste.


With the introduction of pasteurized milk ages ago, sour cream could not be prepared with the above method as pasteurization killed all the bacteria which made the cream sour.


The current day process of infusing the pasteurized milk with lactic acid bacteria was adopted.


A table spoon of sour cream has around 30 calories.


A low fat version of sour cream is the cream prepared from half n half as it has 10-12 of milk fat and adds only 18 calories for 1 table spoon.


The sour cream should always be kept under refrigeration.


The cream should be consumed within 3-4 days of buying and opening the store bought cream.


Sour cream is often artificially thickened using gelatine, carrageen and rennin.


While cooking with sour cream, care needs to be taken to not over boil or heat the cream as it tends to curdle.


The best way to cook using sour cream is to add the cream after the dish has been cooked.


Sour cream is used in baking cookies and cakes and it gives a tangy, distinctive flavour to the baked goods.Sour cream is widely used with salads, soups, as a bread spread, in cooking vegetables, making candies and desserts.



Above were some interesting facts about sour cream, which you may not have been aware of till now. So go on, add that dollop of sour cream to your soup and show your knowledge by sharing some interesting sour cream facts with your friends.


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