Bachelor's Special

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Dec. 21, 2020

When you live on your own, fed up of restaurant food, one craves for food cooked at home. Indias Kitchen today, dedicates an episode to Bachelors! With fun recipes and easy methods! Fritters are the tastiest finger food or what we indians fondly call chakna that can be prepared within minutes! Chef Smita Deo gets to your Kitchen a spicy chilly pakoda for you to enjoy as your evening snack! As Bachelors, eggs are the only thing we can make without any hassle but an omelet every now and then can get boring, so Chef Ruchi Bharani brings a different twist, to your usual omelet with a Tomato Omelet recipe, to add some variety to your cooking knowledge. Lets take the level of difficulty just a notch above. Samosa is a much loved snack and today Chef Varun Inamdar guides you to make a kheema samosa so that you can impress your friends and family with your pro cooking skills! If you can make a samosa, tikkas should be no problem! Thus Chef Smita Deo brings to you a Chicken Malai tikka recipe which should add some medals to your cooking apron!