Prawn Festival

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Dec. 21, 2020

We at Indias kitchen love PRAWNS! And so we get to you some amazing prawn recipes for you to love them too. Prawns are one ingredient that is a gift from the sea to mankind and can be incorporated in various kinds of recipes and one such recipe that Chef Smita Deo brings to your kitchen is of a Prawn and pumkin soup! Enjoy ya'll! Next up, Chef Varun Inamdar adds an Indian twist to prawns and whips up a Prawn Ghee roast to entice your taste buds! Shrimps are prawns that are really tiny, and Chef Smita Deo shows you exactly how to use them and create magic! As she brings to you a shrimp cutlet recipe. This time around let's bring a chinese twist to food with ChefVarun Inamdar who brings to your kitchen a prawn stir fry recipe to add some variety to your meals.And finally, a fast food charm that no one can resist! Chef Varun Inamdar brings to you a prawn burger that you should definitely try!