Kitty Party

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Dec. 21, 2020

Gossip and food! Thats exactly what a kitty party comprises of! And where theres food theres Indias Kitchen! And this time around we bring to you a kitty party special episode for you to impress your guests! A good hot soup is always welcome and is never disappointing. Chef Ruchi Bharani brings to you an amazing lemon and coriander soup to entice your taste buds. Dim-sums or momos as we fondly call it are a favorite snack all over India. Chef Varun Inamdar brings his version of dim-sums for you to win over hearts. Now with all the gossip, you of course need something thats not too messy to binge on yet really delicious, keeping that in mind Chef Ruchi Bharani brings to your kitchen a mini vegetable sandwich that will be a sure hit amongst your friends! And finally we present to you a star recipe that is sure to woo anyone who tries it, this gem is presented tpo you by Chef Ruchi Bharani and what she brings to your kitchen today, is a maggie springroll! Enjoy!